• VS Code - Focus Terminal-Editor

    Here how you can customize the key bindings in order to switch focus between editor and integrated terminal.

    I have done it editing the file "data\user-data\User\keybindings.json" and adding the settings there. Just save and test it.

    My binds in my italian keyboards:

    CTRL + \ 

    Switch focus between Editor and Terminal
    The key backslash "\" in my keyboard is under the ESC key.

    ALT + \ 

    Open the Terminal if it's closed

  • VS Code - Remote SSH Terminal Nano

    When you use Visual Studio Code with SSH extension you can run from your linux command line the command "code" to edit your files. let me say it's fantastic, real useful. If you still using classic Terminal session with Putty or others, you will need a classic linux editor like nano. Well I often fall in a mitstake and write code in putty and viceversa.

    Solution is to create a function () and name it "nano" and stored it in the .bashrc file.

  • VS Code - Terminal colors

    This article contains how to customize the foreground, background and cursor color on VS Code Terminal.

    Use different colors schema for each ssh remote helps to recognize them. Or maybe you want to change your local terminal colors.

    We need to add/change the workbench setting inside the file settings.json.

  • VS Code - Terminal History

    I was playing with the linux history command and after some tries I was searching on internet and I found a good feature on Visual Studio Code for the integrated terminal.

    VS Code has 2 features for:

    • Commands for Current session
    • Commands for Previous sessions
    • Visited Directories for Current session
    • Visited Directories for Previous sessions

     Finally a good, easy and pratics way to manage your comand history plus the new history for directory visited.

    I binding my keys, I choosen CTRL + ALT + UP arrow for history commands and CTRL - ALT + LEFT arrow for directories.