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If you are a Joomla user, for sure, you have already noted the button "Insert Predefined Template Content" .

Here you will find how to add the custom template content for TinyMCE.

I find very useful use of little snippets while typing an article in Joomla. Often the plugins require to write something like {pluginname parameter1=N, parameter2=Y ....}. Remember the syntax for all plugins it's not so easy.

Well, here we go...



  1. Editor
  2. FTP client
  3. html file with what we want to add  ;-)



  1. Launch a client FTP , for example Filezilla
  2. open the folder:  media/editors/tinymce/templates (media is located under your server root and under your joomla installation. In my case the full path is /httpdocs/site/media/editors/tinymce/templates.
  3. Download and open the file template_list.js (let me suggest the use of an editor like Notepad++)
  4. You will find only the 2 default template: Layout and Simple snippet.
  5. Insert a new line and upload it

As you will note there are 3 column inside of each row:

  • Simple snippet is the short description for the combobox
  • media/editors/tinymce/templates/snippet1.html is the file with your content
  • Simple HTML snippet is the description for your content


My template_list.js

// This list may be created by a server logic page PHP/ASP/ASPX/JSP in some backend system.
// There templates will be displayed as a dropdown in all media dialog if the "template_external_list_url"
// option is defined in TinyMCE init.

var tinyMCETemplateList = [
	// Name, URL, Description

	["byman tag for plugin", "media/editors/tinymce/templates/byman_tag_for_plugin.html", "Tag for photoswipe"],
	["Code Highlighter GeSHi : HTML", "media/editors/tinymce/templates/Code_Highlighter_GeSHi_HTML.html", "HTMLLayout."],
	["Code Highlighter GeSHi : PHP", "media/editors/tinymce/templates/Code_Highlighter_GeSHi_PHP.html", "HTMLLayout."],
	["Code Highlighter GeSHi : Javascript", "media/editors/tinymce/templates/Code_Highlighter_GeSHi_JAVASCRIPT.html", "HTMLLayout."],
	["Layout", "media/editors/tinymce/templates/layout1.html", "HTMLLayout."],
	["Simple snippet", "media/editors/tinymce/templates/snippet1.html", "Simple HTML snippet."]




  • TinyMCE01
  • TinyMCE02
  • TinyMCE03
  • TinyMCE04
  • TinyMCE05
  • TinyMCE06